Your Ultimate Feedback Solution

Turning feedback into a measurable KPI has never been easier!

– The globally-recognized and trusted 4 Smileys capture the satisfaction levels of your customers and employees in just seconds.

– Our feedback collecting Smileys and data analytics solution will help you improve your customer experience, workplace happiness, and bottom line.

– Track and manage your service performance with intuitive and interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues, uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.


Smiley Terminal


Collects maximum customer feedback in high traffic areas

Smiley Touch


Discover the root cause of your customers’ dissatisfaction

Web Smileys


Extend your feedback reach to all digital channels

Smiley Terminal™

Collect maximum feedback
Totally wireless, “press of a Smiley” feedback collecting solution helps you collect maximum feedback with its exceptional ease of use and approachability.

Capture your customers’ perceptions of your service performance at the exact time and point of experience.

– Ready to use in minutes
Quick to assemble and activate, right out of the box
– Completely wireless
Allows you to place the terminal at the exact point of interaction, and move when needed.
– Zero energy consumption
Runs on D-cell batteries with 3+ year life. Provides an “always on” mode ready to collect feedback.

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Smiley Terminal

Smiley Touch™

Discover the “Why”
The stylish, touch screen feedback collecting Smileys are the easiest and most effective way to discover the reason behind your customers’ dissatisfaction.

Follow up selection and open feedback options help you find out exactly what elements of your service are causing dissatisfaction so you can make improvements, immediately.

– Ready to use in minutes
Quick to assemble and activates upon plug-in
– 3-tier insights
First question, follow up selection, and open feedback
– Engaging user experience
Sleek, seamless interface guides the user through the feedback experience smoothly and effortlessly.

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Smiley Touch

Smiley Digital™

Cover your digital channels
Measure the user experience of any touch-point physical or digital.

Smiley Digital enables you to capture feedback at any experience point, in the present or after the experience, the options are endless.

– User Experience
Easy for customers or employees to provide feedback using a QR code or Smiley Link code
– Many Use Cases
Get deep insights from any touch point, on a till receipt, an email, an SMS reminder, a post experience check in, engaging with remote workers, getting feedback on your home care workers, on a product placement i.e. shipment box, packaging, coffee cup, on a trolley, endless opportunities
– Ready in Minutes
Easy to implement in minutes by provided widgets, QR codes and links.
– Seamless Reporting
Continuous insights via the intuitive reporting portal

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Smiley Digital

Intelligent Reporting. Always Included.

Track and manage your service performance with intuitive and interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues, uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.

Access your results 24/7 in our online dashboard, via mobile, and automated email reports.

Quick View offers an instant overview of your key performance results, summarized in simple, informative widgets.
It helps you focus on the most important information and save time getting it.

Analytics enables you to research long term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.
You get full control to analyze your past and current performance, and make more informed improvement decisions for the future.
Review your follow up selection responses and open feedback comments to more narrowly define exact performance issues that can be immediately fixed or improved upon.

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Want to have more happy, loyal, and satisfied customers and employees?

Increase happiness, and grow your business with the help of our Service. How is your business doing? Let our Smileys tell you!

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What our Clients say?


“While we like and appreciate online customer reviews, they are sporadic, after the fact and not always actionable. HappyOrNot, on the other hand, provides us with hundreds of customer reviews each week. The feedback is instant, allowing us to react quickly and implement improvements as needed.”
Tom Schmidt, Owner, Salt & Smoke

“We cannot do without HappyOrNot now.”
“It gives us the pulse of the organisation and allows us to react quickly to any issues that arise.” Peter Abraham CEO of Kyabram District Health Service.