HappyorNot for Education

Improve your Student’s Experience

Understanding how satisfied your students are with the services that you provide, enables you to deliver a superior education experience.

An improved student experience drives student retention, often a small percentage increase in student retention can drive substantial benefits via the funds that are available.

Our service is used in many education providers around the world and locally in Oceania. Our service provides an easy to use, fun and engaging survey tool that students find easy to use and have the patience to provide feedback via. Through constant measurement of satisfaction will enable you as an organisation to keep a check on the pulse of the student happiness.

Some of the ways our tool is being used across the education sector are:

  • Gathering feedback within the education premises within the learning centres, student break out areas, accommodation, sport facilities, eateries and faculties
  • Monitoring the satisfaction with course content
  • Capturing the level of service satisfaction in key department receptions
  • Measuring the student happiness across the term, to identify hours, days or weeks where more student focus should be given

“A fun, simple and engaging tool to gather student feedback across multiple services. Enables us to keep an eye on the student happiness” Student services

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