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Customer Experience as a KPI for Councils

“Previously, we had blind spots in the management of our facilities,” Rebekah explains. “It’s not enough to know the number of people coming through the door. Maybe there are half a million people coming through every year and that’s fantastic, but are they actually satisfied day to day with your service? We didn’t know the answer to that from day to day. As a result of using HappyOrNot, we no longer have those blind spots anymore.”

Rebekah Schulz, Director of Community and Culture at Georges River Council

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You may know the number of people who access your facilities or which services are most utilised or even your historical satisfaction level from last years annual survey, but do you know how your customers feel right now about the service interaction that you just had with them?

This is the blind-spot of local councils, knowing in real time if you are delivering on your customer satisfaction goals, having the information to act and make positive changes within your community that add value and saves both you and your customers time.

Measuring across channels

It is more important today than ever to be able to collect feedback across all channels of interaction. Having the consistent method of measurement allows for comparison across services internally but also familiarity of the respondents.

HappyOrNot’s smiley kiosks allow feedback from anyone who has attended the facility, regardless of if they are a member or known customer. The frictionless feedback means more real time, in moment feedback than other methods of feedback.
Measure the customer experience of face-to-face interactions in your different facilities such as Service centres, Libraries, Recreation Centres, Museums, Theatres, and child care services.
Allowing customers to provide feedback on the specific service or department improves the understanding of why customers are happy or not.

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Services delivered off premise in person could include building inspections, community outreach programmes and allowing residents the ability to provide feedback on the employee’s device extends the reach of feedback collection.
The Smiley QR enables residents to also provide feedback on unattended assets like changing rooms, parks and walks by simply scanning a QR code to provide feedback via the Smiley faces.
Utilising the same smiley faces as the devices provides a consistent experience.

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Your Website has lots of useful information, resources and online forms, how are they being received by your customers?

Embed the Smiley Digital on one or more pages to collect feedback on that experience point, maybe an online form to register ownership of a pet.

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There are a number of occasions when you send out email communications to the Customer, in the response to a question or process. 

These could be a service enquiry or after a submission of a form to complete a process i.e. dog permit.

Measuring the response from a department, team or group is important to ensuring a consistent level of service is being provided and ensures you close the loop on the feedback process.

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Utilising the Insights

With all of the insights that are possible to be captured across the different interaction points, how are other Local Councils using this information to make positive change:


HappyOrNot provides the missing KPI - customer satisfaction of the services that are being provided by the local council.


HappyOrNot enables the teams that deliver customer service to understand the impact that it has on the Customer.


HappyOrNot enables teams to better allocate time and resources at the right time of day


HappyOrNot enables managers to focus their time on the locations that most need their support


HappyOrNot demonstrates to constituents / customers that feedback is important not just once a year but all of the time, and through it they see positive change.

As like Daniel Propoggia, Customer Service Coordinator at Georges River Council states “HappyOrNot has helped us reach our goal of making it easy for customers to interact with the council. With HappyOrNot, customers are able to see changes we make and that we actually act on their feedback. We’re building trust with our residents and with our customers, showing that we do listen and we do care.”

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