HappyorNot for Healthcare

Positive experiences enhance your healthcare success

Customer service is fast becoming the number one issue in hospital board rooms

Organisations using HappyorNot have seen an improvement in Patient experience of 12%

HappyOrNot has been present in both private and public healthcare facilities across the globe for years, providing these clients with our satisfaction and performance monitoring services

Our services are implemented as both a key performance indicator and a management tool that enables continuous monitoring of patient and visitor satisfaction at specific points in the patient experience, helping organizational leaders to incorporate patient feedback and enhance the culture where service is deemed an important strategic goal for healthcare facilities.


How is HappyOrNot used in Healthcare?


Listen to your patients and visitors with our feedback collecting Smileys: Wireless, self-standing ‘Smiley Terminals’ collects maximum feedback in high traffic areas and our new ‘Smiley Touch’ Tablet provides the root cause of your patients dissatisfaction.




Feedback results are analysed and ready made for review via our Reporting Service. Data is shown to-the-hour, with comparative and trending views. Automated email reports are also included (day/week/month), plus Net Promoter Score compatibility.


Make changes to the service and continue to measure using HappyOrNot to validate the improvements.
Share your improvement with patients and staff, boosting staff morale and motivation, and patient trust with your care facilities.


In August 2016 Kyabram District Health Service (KDHS) implemented the award winning HappyOrNot service.  In 2017 KDHS were awarded the Patient Experience Award from Victoria Health, read here how they used HappyOrNot to help achieve that

Kyabram District Health Service Case Study


Example Uses


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“The results from HappyOrNot have helped validate the work we have been doing around consumer and community healthcare experience.”

Says Bev McLaine Manager, Quality, Experience and Safety


We cannot do without HappyOrNot now”, says Peter Abraham CEO of Kyabram District Health Service

It gives us the pulse of the organisation and allows us to react quickly to any issues that arise.