HappyorNot for Aged Care

Are you a Consumer Dictated Care Organisation?

In July 2019, new quality standards will be introduced that will change the focus from organisation processes and system quality to a consumer led dictated care approach.

Compliance with the Quality Standards is mandatory from the date of commencement. Organisations are required to demonstrate performance on an ongoing basis. Non compliance may mean action being taken under the aged care legislation or through the funding agreement with the organisation.

Compliance therefore is key for any organisation, but naturally this possesses challenges as organisation’s may not be geared in away to measure consumer feedback.

Introducing HappyOrNot for Consumer Dictated Care a packaged solution

HappyOrNot for Consumer Dictated Care will enable your organisation to:

-> Engage their Consumers
-> Engage Family and Community
-> Engage with the Workforce
-> Validate the Quality of Care
-> Feedback to Consumers

While being able to:

-> Demonstrate action and application
-> Monitor the outcomes across the different levels of engagement
-> Drive improvement and results
-> Demonstrate pro-activeness

By doing so HappyOrNot will support an organisation’s change to meet the new standards and will provide the tools to help capture feedback, monitor and make improvement.


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