The best trips start and end with great travel experiences

“We needed a quick and simple method to understand our passengers’ feedback on a day-to-day basis, allowing us to understand their perception of the security process with a voluntary process, and building a clear picture over time of changing trends in passenger feedback.”

Kevin Rendle, Head of Operative Systems, Heathrow BAA

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The best trips start and end with great travel experiences

To stay competitive in Transportation, you need to keep your current customers and attract new ones. When you continuously measure customer satisfaction at each point of experience, you are able to react to dissatisfaction by making immediate changes and developing your facilities long-term.

Capturing customer feedback in physical locations spans many areas in transport. It is often the case that in a lot of these circumstances you do not have any details on the customers that you are serving. You may be providing an outsource service for a Local Council or Government and have to provide customer satisfaction figures, but without knowing the customer this can be very hard to obtain.

With HappyOrNot, you gain access to that critical information, including visibility into whether corrective measures have been successful. Asking for feedback tells your travelers that they are being listened to and appreciated. All this means your customer satisfaction and your revenue can soar!

The animation below contextualises some of the different ways our service can engage with your customers.

Measuring across channels

It is more important today than ever to collect feedback across all you channels of interaction. Customers expect similar levels of service from their transport providers as like from their retail counterparts. It is therefore more important today to ensure your physical and digital channels are covered. Below are a list of some of the common use cases for the HappyOrNot solution:

Our Smiley Kiosks provides the options for every transport scenario, whether on a bus, ferry, train or in a facility. Our Smiley Kiosks are able to be fixed to a wall, useful on ferries or in bathrooms and as standard can be fixed to a rail to be used on trains and buses. The Smiley Terminal being battery powered, with a simple Smiley interface enables quick feedback to be given on transport vehicles, where power may be an issue, whereby the Smiley Touch is perfect for Ticket offices and other facilities that you occupy. 

You have probably even interacted with our service at a number of Airports across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, at the security or around about the facilities.  

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In Transportation off premise feedback is referring to those facilities that are unattended For example, a car park, airport parking, a bus shelter or other facility.

The simple Smiley faces can be accessed via an auto generated QR code that when scanned by a Customer, feedback can be given by the consistent Smiley faces.

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How easy to use is your website? Is the journey planner experience easy to use? How simple is the booking process? All of these questions are key to understanding how your customers use your service.

The simple Smiley Faces can be embedded into your website to capture this valuable information.

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There are a number of occasions when you send out email communications to the Customer, in the response to a question, process or service.

This could be after an online booking, measuring the car park experience or after an enquiry. 

Are you delivering a consistent experience and service level?

Using the Smiley faces on your email communications aligns your feedback strategy.

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Utilising the Insights

With all of the insights that are possible to be captured across the different interaction points, how are other Transport organisations using this information to make positive change:


HappyOrNot provides the KPI of your service. The KPI is being utilised to benchmark service across the different physical interactions with your customers.


HappyOrNot enables the teams that deliver customer service to understand the impact that it has on the Patient


HappyOrNot enables teams to better allocate time and resources at the right time of day


HappyOrNot enables managers to focus their time on the locations that most need their support


HappyOrNot demonstrates to Customers that feedback is important not just once a year but all of the time, and through it they see positive change

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