Reporting Analytics

Collecting the feedback is easy and now we made the reporting on it to.

Reporting Analytics

Collecting feedback is simple, but often the reporting takes time, with HappyOrNot the reporting analytics is easy to use and you will be quickly and easily  be spotting the trends and patterns to act upon.

Easy Analytics

Quick and easy to master, you will be up and running quickly.

Collaborate in real time

View your results in real time and identify the patterns to better service.

Share and engage

Compare locations and services and engage all levels of the organisation.

Reporting Analytics

Quick and simple analytics to get you up and running quickly.

Always On, Always Fresh

Always up to date with real time experience data

Sharing is Caring

Give access to unlimited users at the level they need to see. Easily export the data to PDF and excel as required.

quick view

In a hurry, get the quick insights and key performance metrics in a heartbeat.

deep dive analytics

Deep dive into the results by any date range, any hour, any day and uncover the root causes to the emotions.

manage the surveys

Full online management of the service from setting up experience points to managing surveys.

Multi Language Support

The reporting portal supports multi languages to meet your users needs.

online help

The go-to place for all the HappyOrNot knowledge you will need.

Management Reports

Automatically send emailed reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Additional Premium Features

The Smiley service is packaged into 2 packages, Essentials and Professional. In addition to the features listed above, the following premium features are provided as part of the Professional version.

Real Time Collaboration

Set alerts for positive and negative feedback, and receive notifications via the mobile app to an alert. Collaborate and comment on the alert to manage the incident.

Live Sharing

In real time share your HappyOrNot results to your employees to customers on an external display or live on your website.

Connect external Tools

Connect the HappyOrNot data set to other systems via the HappyOrNot API.

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