Capturing feedback on Email communications

Find out about how we enable customers to collect feedback in email communications.

Smiley Digital for Email

The easiest and most effective way to discover the reason behind emotions. The Smiley Digital for Email enables you to collect feedback on any email communication, by a team, department or group. Simply add the Smileys to your emails to collect feedback. 

Engaging Customer Interface

Consistent Smiley Emotions provide the reassurance to customers to give feedback.

High Response Rates

All it takes is a press of a Smiley Face, no long surveys or Survey Fatigue.

Easy to Set-up

Simply copy and paste the Email Smileys into your signature.

Smiley Digital for Email enables you to add the Smiley Faces to your email signature. All a customer needs to do is press a smiley face in the email to give feedback on the experience.

Simple Set-up

Copy and paste the Smiley Faces into your signature or use the Raw HTML.

Real time feedback

Responses are sent to the reporting portal in real time.

Root Cause Analysis

Uncover the reason behind the press with follow up and open comments.

Supports multiple signatures

Add a separate set of smileys to each email signature you need, by team, department, by group.

cloud based updates

Automatic and free software updates.

Multi Language Support

Display up to 8 languages for a customer to select.

Additional Premium Features

The Smiley service is packaged into 2 packages, Essentials and Professional. In addition to the features listed above, the following premium features are provided as part of the Professional version.

Real Time Collaboration

Set alerts for positive and negative feedback, and receive notifications via the mobile app to an alert. Collaborate and comment on the alert to manage the incident.

Live Sharing

In real time share your HappyOrNot results to your employees to customers on an external display or live on your website.

Connect external Tools

Connect the HappyOrNot data set to other systems via the HappyOrNot API.

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