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Don’t sit back, make sure your employees are engaged in the workplace and that their wellbeing is cared for.

“HappyOrNot has helped us to really see where we’re at and make an impact on where we were previously lacking. I think it has changed how the employees view our department and how we can service them better – I think it’s changed a lot.
Melanie Milhouse, Human Resource Manager

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Workplace engagement is a critical component of a healthy environment and organisation. Workplace engagement encompasses employee wellbeing and your day to day workplace environment

Organisations that focus and promote wellbeing make it easier for employees to manage stress, life work balance while maintaining a productive and positive working environment. In todays world, employee engagement is critical as many employees are now working in a more flexible manner, in the sense of flexibility in workplace environment. Working from home has its positives but how does it impact their wellbeing, do they feel lonely or left out of the community that once was the office?

There are many benefits of good employee health and wellbeing, they tend to perform better and often productivity can increase. An Oxford University study found that happy workers are 13% more productive than none happy workers, that is quite a difference and is worth an investment.

HappyOrNot provides the ability to deliver ‘Pulse surveys’, which are quick and continuous, as opposed to traditional annual surveys. Pulse surveys provide benefits in more engaged workforce, quickly check on the well being, ability to react quicker, increased company culture and ability to see trends over the year. Find out more Get in Touch.

Measuring Workplace Engagement

With the HappyOrNot toolset, you can measure your workplace in the physical environment, the place of work or in the remote workplace, be the employees home or at your customers place of work.

Our customers that are using HappyOrNot to measure workplace engagement, use our Smiley Touch and Terminals to collect feedback across their different facilities. The Smiley Terminal is a great tool for getting a quick pulse of the state of your employees entering a manufacturing area and leaving at night, where the Smiley Touch is great for driving insights into well being or employee services that are being provided. The key though is to ask for feedback all of the time and every day.

In short, our customers are using the service to measure wellbeing, facilities, business changes and meeting rooms.

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Many employee services are delivered via your internal collaboration sites. For example, help desk, requests for leave, expense requests or general access to resources. Are you measuring the performance of these resources do you know how your staff rate the service or experience of using them?

In these current times with additional remote work possibilities the only interaction you might have with an employee maybe through these resources, making this a great place to capture well being feedback. Using our Smiley Digital we make it easy for your to measure the well being and service levels.

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HappyOrNot enables you to deliver quick sharp surveys to your staff via an Email. Rather than asking 10 questions, ask one question really well all of the time to measure by the hour, day and across location the feeling or pulse of your workforce.

If you as an organisation utilise NPS (Net Promoter Score) then HappyOrNot can calculate that for you as well.

Use the simple follow ups and comments to make positive and continuous change that your employees will appreciate.

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Utilising the Insights

The reality is that with just a few people running the workplace engagement, you rarely have the bandwidth to stay on the pulse of your employees all the time. HappyOrNot is an extension to your workplace engagement team, becoming that first level communication tool to finding out how your employees are doing and feeling. With the help of HappyOrNot, you can:

Get More Feedback

Because the Smileys are quick, easy and anonymous for your employees, higher response rates are guaranteed.

Address the issues

The ability to monitor a dip in employee satisfaction immediately makes it possible to identify correlations and make corrections fast.

Open Communications

An engaging survey tool helps your employees feel heard and their opinions valued.

Employees' Feelings

Daily employee feedback provides continuous trend of satisfaction, rather than an annual snapshot in time. Capturing the sentiment in real time supports workplace development.

Continuous Improvement

The weekly and monthly trends in employee satisfaction tell you whether improvement measures have been targeted correctly.

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