Measure customer satisfaction, improve service experience and respond to issues immediately.

“ We have been using HappyOrNot since 2009, and implemented it as a KPI in our operations in 2010. Today, HappyOrNot is a standard part of our restaurant concept. It is a win-win for all involved – we can ensure the quality required by quality standards, our operators have a state-of-the-art tool and motivator to help them exceed their targets and gain rewards, and our lunch customers have a convenient way to give feedback and see the results via the customer interaction report.”
Laura Krusius, Head of Frontline Services, Technopolis, Plc.

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Approachable, anonymous, and easy-to-use, our Smileys are designed to get maximum feedback in all physical and digital experience points HappyOrNot helps you optimize resources and deliver memorable experiences. Capture the pain points of all your customers and visitors, not just individual observations. Secure contract re-negotiations and establish reference deals.

Reduce unhappy customers by 40%* in the first year.

  • Increased customer satisfaction results in:
    Customer loyalty: satisfied customers visit more often
  • Increase referral rates: a satisfied customer tells on average three people about the experience
  • Stronger competitive advantage: Stand out from other service providers to win over customers

*an average based on historical data from our service industry clients

Measuring across channels

It is more important today than ever to collect feedback across all you channels of interaction. It is therefore more important today to ensure your physical and digital channels are covered. Below are a list of some of the common use cases for the HappyOrNot solution:

Our Smiley Kiosks provide customers with the ability to provide in moment feedback immediately after their experience. Meaning more, real time, accurate feedback when compared to traditional surveys.
Typical uses include dining rooms, washrooms, event exits and retail.
Respondents can provide satisfaction rating, reason for satisfaction rating and a comment.
The devices can be branded to provide a consistent commercial theme.

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Offering customers, the ability to provide feedback when delivering services at their sites such as cleaning services, site technicians, food delivery or health services will ensure a consistently high standard or service.

These might be cleaning services, on site technicians, food delivery or health services. Do you collect feedback on these services?

Using our Smiley Wall or QR codes or collecting feedback via your employees device are all simple ways to make sure you measure these experiences and learn from the feedback provided.

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Measuring feedback on your website resources or online booking services is an important step in your customers experience .

Keeping your feedback capture the same unifies your service and maximises the feedback that you receive.

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Answering a service enquiry or responding to a booking request are all customer journey points that are important to measure.

Using our simple Smiley faces in your email templates or signatures, ensures you capture this valuable feedback.

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Utilising the Insights

With all of the insights that are possible to be captured across the different interaction points, how are other Healthcare providers using this information to make positive change:


Track your Customer Satisfaction KPI, to drive healthy competition between locations


HappyOrNot enables the teams that deliver customer service to understand the impact that it has on the Customer


HappyOrNot enables teams to better allocate time and resources at the right time of day


HappyOrNot enables managers to focus their time on the locations that most need their support


HappyOrNot demonstrates to Customers that feedback is important not just once a year but all of the time, and through it they see positive change

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