HappyOrNot for Services

Happy Customers – A True Measure of Success

The Services industries are forever booming with high energy, quick turn over, and strong competition. Providing excellent service that sensationalizes the customer’s experience is key to securing a market position as leader, and a true measure to this success is best realized through customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
With the right tools, your advantage becomes having the ability to manage the quality of service delivery and gain intelligence into business operations to make strategic improvement decisions. Providing value, a positive experience, and top- notch service that is a cut above the rest is the path to differentiation, growing profits, and success.

Excellent Service Increases Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Organisations using HappyorNot have seen an improvement in Customer experience of 10%
HappyOrNot has been used by a wide range of Service sector organizations across the globe for years, from Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, and Educational Institutions to companies using it for Human Resource purposes. We provide these clients with our customer satisfaction and performance monitoring services that are implemented as a Key Performance Indicator and a management tool, that has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) compatibility.


Example Uses

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“ We have been using HappyOrNot since 2009, and implemented it as a KPI in our operations in 2010. Today, HappyOrNot is a standard part of our restaurant concept. It is a win-win for all involved – we can ensure the quality required by quality standards, our operators have a state-of-the-art tool and motivator to help them exceed their targets and gain rewards, and our lunch customers have a convenient way to give feedback and see the results via the customer interaction report. ”Laura Krusius, Head of Frontline Services, Technopolis, Plc.

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