Smiley Wall – Peel and stick anywhere

HappyOrNot, the company responsible for creating the globally-recognizable ‘Smiley’ feedback system, releases its newest product Smiley Wall™, a lightweight, peel-and-stick version of its classic Smiley Terminal.

Building on the success of its previous products – with over 25,000 Smiley Terminals and Smiley Touches installed around the world and having collected over 900 million feedbacks to date – the Smiley Wall empowers companies to collect customer feedback without placement limitations.

Smiley Wall™

The Smiley Wall is the ultimate “place anywhere, space saver”. Compact and completely wireless, its peel-and-stick functionality enables companies to place it exactly where it is needed most and fits best.

Operating on mobile network technology, feedback results are uploaded to the cloud-based reporting service where the data is analyzed and available for immediate review. The benefits exclusive to the Smiley Wall model are:

All-in-one – The survey question is printed on a changeable faceplate, making it a perfect all-in-one solution for capturing feedback in any area, while retaining critical floor space.
Peel-and-stick – Double-sided, industrial grade stickers enables companies to place it precisely, and firmly, where needed. This also makes relocating it hassle-free.
Accessibility – The all-in-one feature allows precise placement on the wall – higher or lower, depending on the desired accessibility – giving companies the ability to cater to their customer bases’ specific needs.

Organizations in the sectors of facility management, airport, restaurants, or hospitals and clinics can greatly benefit from the precise placement capability of these terminals.

In August, TLV, a passengers’ transport and ferry service in France, trialed 17 Smiley Walls on eight of their ships to gauge passenger satisfaction.

Fabien Vincent, the CEO of TLV, tells about the decision: “When we are talking about renewing an existing contract or signing a new one we need to be able to demonstrate that we are providing good service every day and with a significant sample rate. HappyOrNot works very well for us and helps us to show that to the buyers.

He continues: “On-board a ship, space is limited and we have security constraints that prevent us from installing any device that would obstruct exit ways. Therefore, the wall-mounted version was the perfect form factor for us. We collect around 6,000 feedbacks in a week and 91% was positive, so it’s very rewarding to work with the results when you know that in general the customers are very happy and we just focus on improving those red moments.”

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