HappyOrNot in Grocery & Supermarkets – Offer the best – be the best

HappyOrNot is helping many worldwide grocery chains up their customer satisfaction and loyalty levels, by giving their customers an easy way to provide feedback every time they visit the store.

It is a well know fact that happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers tell their friends of the happy experience. In fact on average 3 people are told about their great experience.

With HappyOrNot, Customers that have been using it on average have seen an uplift of 10% in happy customers based on over 100,000,000 feedbacks gathered. Would you rather beat the normal churn and increase customers?

Beat the churn

In fact, SMG report that on average happy customers spend 40% more than unhappy customers, so would you like 10% of your customers to spend 40% more?

So how can you use HappyOrNot in your store?

Improve your Shopper’s Experience

Strategic implementation of HappyOrNot at each Point-of-Experience continuously improves your overall store performance.

shopper experience

Enhance Store Departments

Measure customer satisfaction in all key areas:

– Store and Department managers gain immediate situational insights

– Lead and motivate personnel to improve every day

Measure everywhere

Share your Success – Engage your Customers

Share the HappyOrNot results with your customers at the point of experience via the out of the box customer interaction result, or on your Facebook page or via Social Media. How many retailers can see 10,000s of customers have rated us 80% very satisfied with the service.


If you like what you have read, then there is no better time than now to pilot our service as we are offering a promotion of 20% off our standard Pilot pricing for Grocery and Supermarket customers.

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