Smiley Digital™ Insights for your online presence

HappyOrNot has recently introduced their Smiley Digital solution, the easiest way to engage with employees, customers, and visitors online, and get the insights you need to continuously improve experiences.  HappyOrNot can now boast the broadest product capabilities to support your CX feedback.

Receive continuous feedback across your entire channel                                                                                     

Smiley Digital collects real time insights and perfectly complements our Smiley devices to collect CX feedback across all your channels with the familiar and iconic Smileys.

Fast deployment and easy to use                                                                                                                                

Our digital smileys can be used on existing websites, or as standalone solution.  They require no software install and can be accessed from either customers or employees devices.

Real time insights                                                                                                                                                      

Track and manage your service performance across physical and digital channels with intuitive and interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues, uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.

Key Uses

Engage with Employees – HappyOrNot provides a simple ‘pulse’ survey on employee engagement.   By utilising the Smiley devices for employees physically in the office and our Digital Smileys for remote workers you can reach everybody 24/7/365.  With the ability to provide anonymous feedback employees are able to provide honest, regular, real time feedback.  Smiley Digital can be integrated with existing intranets or as a standalone solution.

Measuring home care patients experience – Home healthcare workers providing mobile services to patients would be able to receive feedback either directly on the employees device after the service has finished or alternatively the customer can give feedback on their own device. Feedback can be related to the person delivering the service and also the time and day the feedback is given.

After experience feedback – While we believe capturing in the moment feedback provides the most factual data there may be times when this isn’t possible.  Sending an SMS or email immediately after the service or as part of a transaction.  Including a link to provide feedback in an email footer after a support resolution.

Facilities management – While our Smiley devices provide great options for bathrooms, changing rooms etc, with the Smiley Digital solution users are able to provide feedback in a touchless way with their own device.  QR codes are able to be added to the back of bathroom doors and placed in prominent places for users to see and provide simple quick feedback.

Interested in how our Smiley Digital solution could help your organisation?

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