We are exhibiting at the Retail Australasia Summit 2015 in May at the Hilton

With the theme of customer centric multichannel retailing, senior level retail industry representatives and other stakeholders will make presentations on the latest trends in retail including;

– Retail Management strategies and techniques

– On-line & multichannel retailing

– Payments & Cards – e-commerce – m-commerce

– Customer Loyalty

New market entrants are on the rise along with traditional retailers taking their wares online. New platforms and channels to market give the consumer a wider choice and the ability to shop 24/7.

The Retail Australasia Summit 2015 will include the latest developments and opportunities in (1) High street retail – (2) online and multichannel retailing and what this means for retailers, technology providers and the consumer AND (3) the added inclusion of a conference specifically embracing Payments & Cards & e-commerce technology.

The Retail Australasia Summit 2015 is the one event that will help you put your customers at the centre of your business strategies.

Come, see and try the HappyorNot service for yourself at the conference, rate the sessions, the experience and view the actionable insights that it can deliver.

To register for the event click below, we look forward to seeing you there.


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