The Peak-End Rule – Capturing Feedback At The Right Time In The Experience

Are you measuring the experience of your service at the optimal time?

Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize winner, created the Peak-end theory that at a psychological level defines that people remember and evaluate the experience at the peak moment, the most intense point or at the end of the experience, rather than on the sum of all parts. Whether you are a retailer, in the service industry, healthcare or in transportation, measuring experience at the right time is critical to capturing the emotional data that sticks with a person till the their next experience. 

HappyOrNot recently posted 2 articles on this theory and how to take advantage of it, rather than copy and paste, I have copied the links to the articles below.


How to get your customers to return: the peak-end rule

Part one: focus on the peak and the end

How to get your customers to return: measuring peak-end experiences

Part two: When, where and how to measure peak-end experiences. And what do you ask?

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