Leading private healthcare provider rolls out HappyOrNot

Aleris, together with the award winning HappyOrNot service from Finland, launched a roll-out of 140 devices placed throughout 78 of its healthcare clinics over all three countries. A positive expression of their commitment towards customer satisfaction, the feedback monitoring and reporting system that HappyOrNot service provides empowers Aleris to do exactly that.

HappyOrNot device and service makes it easy for our visitors to instantly give feedback on our performance. With a simple click on a smiley button, you answer the survey question. Reports are automatically generated and delivered to our organization to evaluate, develop, and make our performance be even better” Bent Wulff Jakobsen, Medical Director of Aleris. HappyOrNot is a customer feedback service whereby customers can easily evaluate their service experience at any point of experience. It collects customer responses and records satisfaction levels. An intelligent reporting system makes feedback visible and ensures scheduled reporting to all organizational levels.

The interaction between Aleris and our visitors is a very important complement to other surveys we conduct. With HappyOrNot, we have the ability to monitor and improve our service. Quality in healthcare is crucial, and with HappyorNot we are able to receive rapid feedback.” Bent Wulff Jakobsen, Medical Director of Aleris.

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