Can you protect your brand from bad service?

In today’s environment, a customer experience is driven by both the brand and the employees who work for the brand. If employees are not delivering great customer service then the experience that your brand delivers will not meet your marketing expectations.

We have all had that experience of walking into a store and being ignored or not being treated the way we expected that brand to treat us.  Most of us will just tell a friend.  Very few will actually provide that feedback so that the store can make a change.  What a missed opportunity, don’t you think?

But is it possible to reach the multitude of customers, gain their feedback with minimal effort, and continuously improve customer satisfaction?

Absolutely.  It’s easy with the Happy or Not service.

Unlike traditional surveys that are ad-hoc and require the customer to actively do something like downloading an app, going online or answering questions over the phone, the Happy or Not service delivers an in-store experience via a simple device that captures immediate feedback via a response to 4 smiley buttons.

On average 20% of the customer footfall provides feedback to the question that is being asked, enabling you to monitor, adapt and enhance the customer experience. The data is accessible via an intuitive cloud service that provides analysis tools and reports to analyse the data.

So lower the threshold to feedback by providing a quick, easy, and anonymous feedback interface with an appealing appearance and make it meaningful to your customer and employees.  As every store will have the device, calculating busy, bad, and good days, and measuring customer service will become the new benchmark and KPI for employees. In turn, everyone becomes 100% committed to the service promise.

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