Forbes: Your Employees May Be Out Of Sight, Don’t Let Them Be Out Of Mind

In his latest Forbes article, Heikki Väänänen, CEO & Founder, HappyOrNot, discusses why it’s so critical for companies to evaluate their employee engagement during lockdown.

We are in the midst of the world’s biggest ever remote working experience, and while some people are flourishing, for others it hasn’t been so straightforward. The very sudden and mandated move to remote working will have caught many people by surprise, with there being no time for genuine preparation. We’re in a transition period currently but the future of work looks to have changed dramatically, with more and more teams operating remotely even after the lockdown ends.  

HR departments must therefore take an even more active role to ensure that they have a handle on employee engagement and happiness. Face-to-face catch might not be possible right now but the wellbeing of staff must be a top priority because during this period it’s more important than ever to know whether individuals are struggling.  Employee Engagement will require new approaches to encompass both physical and remote workers.

If you want to gauge your employees’ feelings instantly, address issues early on, create a culture of open communication, and make vital improvements to your business, then we’d love to talk! For more information on our HR services head here.   

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