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What is Micro-Feedback?

Micro-feedback is about collecting small bits of information at specific points in the patient interaction with your service, retail environment or web experience.

Micro-feedback is about asking one question that is specific to the experience being had. The key to Micro-feedback is capturing the response in the present, at the location of experience.

It is critical that with Micro-feedback you do not over-complicate the environment in which the customer is to provide feedback.
The method of capture is crucial to the value of the feedback: the simpler it is, the more feedback will be gathered, and the patient will leave feeling like they have had a chance to provide their feedback in a fun and engaging manner.

Micro-feedback key attributes are:

  1. At the point of experience
  2. One question is key
  3. Simple and fun to engage with
  4. Clear and concise reporting

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