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What is micro-feedback?

Micro-feedback is about collecting small bits of information at specific points in your customer interaction with your product, service, retail environment or web experience. Micro-feedback is about keeping the question set to a minimum and asking the question at the point of experience in the present and not the past.

Organisations that focus on micro-feedback are able to quickly respond to customer feedback and improve the overall customer experience, engagement, loyalty and basket size.

What is the value of Micro-feedback?

In essence you are getting insightful, actionable feedback at just the right moment in the user experience, unlike macro-feedback that targets customers with surveys well post the experience.

This enables you to review, adapt and target your experience with insightful feedback from customers who are engaging with your product or service and increases the likelihood of getting quality feedback.

But don’t just think about customers, this is also a means to measure employee engagement. Micro-feedback is a great way of engaging employees to gather insightful feedback around company values, policies and facilities. A happy employee equals a happy customer.

HappyorNot enables organisations to gather micro-feedback

The HappyorNot smiley terminal is a form of micro-feedback that enables you to gather insights at any stage in the user experience, from the welcome, to the in-store experience or to the close. Using the data that is captured by the hour and day enables you to identify improvements in service and spot trends across your locations. While providing your customers a means to provide meaningful feedback where and when they expect to.

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