Measuring Guest Satisfaction in the Catering Industry

Catering organisations are constantly striving to provide the best value product & service to their customers. It is not always easy to understand if adding premium ingredients or time consuming methods is appreciated by customers.
Often in contract catering situations the ability to provide a KPI of customer satisfaction may be the difference between being awarded a contract or not.

HappyOrNot allows customers to provide constant feedback on their meals and overall experience which in turn allows catering organisations to fine tune their offerings. Organisations providing catering services in healthcare, aged care, commercial and public sector are utilising HappyorNot to get hourly feedback from their customers.

Catering organisations using HappyorNot have been able to:

– Improve service levels by confirming that the speed, temperature and environments were optimal.

– Reduce food costs by adjusting their menu mix and offering better value items that their customers enjoy

– Rate menu options and remove those which are below a satisfaction threshold.

– Compare locations and make improvements in locations not performing as well.

– Review times of the day when satisfaction is not as optimal and improve.

– Feedback to their customers the results and the changes that are made because of this.

– Improve staff morale and provide rewards for satisfaction targets being reached.

– Validate changes in raw materials maintain similar standards to previous benchmarks

Organisations like Technopolis are able to review multiple locations with simple reporting provided to them –

If you are providing catering services and would like a simple solution to understand what your customers really think of your offering contact us for more details, please complete this form.

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