HappyOrNot Reporting Features

The results of the feedback are presented to the organisation via intuitive interactive online dashboards. The results can be analysed by the hour, day, week and month. The results can be displayed using the HappyOrNot index or a in the format of a Net Promoter Score. The data can also be extracted to excel or via an API for further analysis i.e. relating HappyOrNot data with sales transactions. The results enable strategic long-term planning while providing operational short-term actions.

Follow your feedback – the Intelligent Reporting Service
Track and learn how well you are performing and where you can still improve your service. Our intelligent cloud-based reporting service collects and analyses your survey data and displays your results in a clear format. The service makes it easy for you to see and understand your performance through your feedback results, and identifies when and where improvements are needed.

Integrated customer satisfaction management
Spot fluctuations in service performance, implement strategic changes and monitor your improvement results. Our service gives you both certainty of your actual performance and continuous insights for short term and long term action planning. You can easily track the ranking and trending data and compare your survey results to your operational activities. The result summaries are conveniently sent straight to your email.

Data Intervals
All feedbacks are uploaded to our Reporting Service once per day, and analyzed results are available the very next day. Results are displayed by:
– Hour, day, week, month, and year
– Smiley terminal / web smiley
– Location / webpage
Data Features
The analyzed result data is displayed in several methods enabling easy review and clear distinction of information:
– Clear charts
– Comparative rankings between areas and locations
– Trending data
– HappyOrNot Performance Index for benchmarking results
Email Report Types
The result summaries are combined into convenient Reports and emailed to your list of recipients. The include summaries of results for:
– Smiley terminal / web smiley
– Daily / weekly / monthly
– Unit level (locations)
– Management level

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