April McFarland talks about capturing patient experience in general practice: If you don’t ask you don’t care?

Engaging in a meaningful way with patients as to how services could be improved requires commitment, training and resource but most importantly a genuine desire to know. If you don’t ask in a systematic way that allows you to act on that data, do you really care? New Zealand is lagging behind in this space compared to countries like the UK where there has been a national drive for a few years to capture the patient voice. Whilst there is a national survey on its way for primary care, we would argue this is asking questions when we want the feedback i.e. annually, not necessarily when the patient wants to feedback.

We’re delighted that fourteen of our network practices have leased Push My Button terminals to capture patients experience in real time. These are the first practices in New Zealand to capture the patient experience in this way. Practices who engage patients to feedback about their services send a strong message that their feedback is important for improving quality.

Read the full blog at http://www.healthcarehome.co.nz/march/

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