How a smiley face will help improve the customer experience in a first for an Australian Airport

Alice Springs Airport will be the first airport in Australia to introduce an instant customer feedback platform through the innovative HappyOrNot technology, currently in place at over 160 airports worldwide.
By simply pressing a button ranging from very happy (dark green smiley face) to very unhappy (dark red smiley face), passengers can instantly communicate their overall level of satisfaction with the terminal, including the bathroom facilities and their security experience. Passengers are also given the opportunity to provide additional comments on specific areas. The data is then fed to a web-based collection and reporting system to chart and report back to the airport management team.

Dave Batic, General Manager Alice Springs Airport, first became aware of the technology when he attended the recent 2018 Passenger Terminal Expo held in Stockholm. “I was impressed by the customer friendly, voluntary and cost-effective way the HappyOrNot technology gives instant feedback on the customer experience. We’re genuinely keen to understand how we can improve the customer experience at Alice Springs Airport and this technology presented us with the best solution.”
“By installing this technology, the Alice Springs Airport management team are demonstrating their commitment to providing a positive experience for travellers using their terminal. The real-time alerts provided via the HappyOrNot technology allows the team to react to issues immediately, providing additional control and fast reaction time to improve service quality” said Derek Lamb from Push My Button who have recently installed the equipment in the airport terminal. “Organisations using HappyorNot to measure traveller satisfaction generally see an improvement in customer satisfaction of 10%.”

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