HappyorNot for Councils – how good is your service?

Do you know if your constituents are happy with the service that you deliver across all the different touch-points that you have with them? Do you measure feedback “in the moment” of the experience or rely on an annual survey to gain insight into how you are doing, if you are lucky a few percent of your constituents might complete?

We work with a number of councils, providing them with the tools and services to measure service across many different touch points including service centres, libraries, transport, museums, art galleries, child care and leisure facilities. These councils are focused on delivering value to their constituents and ensuring their staff and facilities meet the need of the ever changing council population.

Join the council community and start measuring constituents experience.

“Before HappyOrNot, feedback was more qualitative, anecdotal and lacked statistical quality. Today, we can report real metrics confidently to a city official, a sponsor or even a constituent when asked how an event performed. These insights have also served to justify budgets for on-going and proposed activation’s.”

Nick Efron, Public Space Manager, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM)
Read the full article here or watch the video case study below.