HappyorNot for Healthcare

Positive Patient Experience, Healthy Performance Guaranteed patient satisfaction improvement

Customer service is fast becoming the number one issue in hospital executive board rooms

Organisations using HappyorNot have seen an improvement in Patient experience of 12%

HappyOrNot has been present in both private and public healthcare facilities across the globe for years, providing these clients with our satisfaction and performance monitoring services

Our services are implemented as both a key performance indicator and a management tool that enables continuous monitoring of patient and visitor satisfaction at specific points in the patient experience, helping organizational leaders to incorporate patient feedback and enhance the culture where service is deemed an important strategic goal for healthcare facilities.

We like to call our feedback – Micro Feedback. To read more about why you should be measuring micro feedback during the patient experience please click the link below.

Download Micro-Feedback eBook.


Example Uses

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” HappyOrNot device and service makes it easy for our visitors to instantly give feedback on our performance. With a simple click on a smiley button ,you answer the survey question. Reports are automatically generated and delivered to our organization to evaluate, develop, and make our performance be even better.” Bent Wulff Jakobsen, Medical Director, Aleris

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