The HappyOrNot Solution



Smiley terminals collect continuous feedback, in-store and online



Because sometimes you want more detail



Reporting insights and real time alerts



Implement actions based on insights

Want to have more happy, loyal, and satisfied customers and employees?

Increase happiness, and grow your business with the help of our Service. How is your business doing? Let our Smileys tell you!


Capture feedback, continuously!

A smiley terminal placed in a highly visible location enables customers and employees to provide continuous anonymous feedback. Customers interacting online can place feedback by clicking a smiley face and providing an additional comment.

– Fun and engaging
– High response rate
– Simplicity, minimal effort to provide feedback
– Can be placed anywhere
– Low Cost

Ask why? Real Time Feedback

Give your customers a voice, text your feedback to a unique number!

It is now easier than ever to give your customers the ability to provide additional feedback, by providing them with an easy number and location code for them to text feedback to you.

– Detailed feedback
– Removes the paper feedback form
– Instant feedback
– Ability to respond immediately by text or calling
– Provides insights for improvement


Insights, web and email reports

Our intelligent web-based reporting service collects and analyzes your survey response data, providing actionable insights. Text feedback can be reviewed immediately and dealt with appropriately, by either calling, replying by text or taking note for next time. Real time alerts inform you when a certain threshold of negative responses have been collected, down to a 15 minute interval.

– Clear overview by Hour and Day
– Compare and rank locations
– Automated alert, daily, weekly, monthly emailed reports
– HappyOrNot Index or NPS compatible
– Export to PDF, PowerPoint or Excel
– 24/7 access
– Monitor performance against set service KPI
– Respond immediately to a larger than normal negative response

Get the Competitive Advantage

See and Understand your Service Performance, with Reliability and Trust

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Why HappyOrNot?

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